BlindGif Society

The BlindGif Society

BGS, the virtual but nevertheless non-profit society is proud to offer our ultimate BlindGif Services, — finally.


Tired of creating your own blindgifs - we got the solution. Just profit from the outstanding BlindGif Society services and link all your blindgif-sources to:
<img src="" alt=""> or
<img src="" alt="">
Add your favorite size- and alt-values and we´ll do the rest. It´s made for you and it´s free!


No hackz, trickz, ip harvesting, pornz or any background-muzaks. Just outstanding services from your BlindGif Society!


Comments to improve our services? - Please do not hesitate to share your views writing a nice .


You´ll find (or you may not find) skilled handiwork of coloured blindgifs in our positively virtual gallery... A selection is right below. Just place your mouse-pointer over´em ....
|   blind gif 15x10   |   blind gif 30x10   |   blind gif 60x10   |


As you may have noticed, this is just my testing server with lots of apps and trials in the backend.